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Funerals and Unveilings

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I understand that when our dear ones pass on, it can be a sad and difficult time. In addition to bringing closure, a Jewish funeral or a Jewish memorial service can surround the family with love and support.


Family members may decide to share their thoughts and memories, something that is not required for you or your family. I will meet with you and your family in order to get to know your loved one, and prepare and deliver an appropriate eulogy. You can also add loving and poems to the usual ceremony.


At both the Jewish funeral service and Jewish memorial service, the Mourner’s Kaddish prayer

is recited. Family members and guests will be provided with copies of the prayer in both Hebrew and transliteration so that everyone can participate in this ancient and comforting prayer.

After the service, family and friends will often gather for a short ceremony and a meal. You are given a shiva candle to light in memory of your loved one. I will provide you with a copy of this ceremony for your to do at your home.


As a long time rabbi and hospice chaplain, as well as a degree in school counseling, I am comfortable and available to speak with children and grandchildren about the loss of a sibling, parent or grandparent. I can also help you with what to say and do for these children as they continue their own journey of grieving.


Whether a family chooses a burial or a cremation, I am ready to work with your family to personalize the service and provide your family with a dignified, loving and spiritually appropriate experience.

I am also available to officiate at the cemetery service for the setting of the headstone or marker, something that is done about a year later.


I have worked with many of the funeral homes on Long Island and can help you with all of the necessary arrangements for the internment of your loved one. And of course, my condolences are with you and your loved ones at this moment of grief.

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