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I have been privileged to officiate at weddings of a variety of styles, including LGBTQ+ and interfaith (for which my only stipulation is that I do not co-officiate with a non-Jewish clergy). I also officiate for renewal of vows and destination weddings. My approach to working with couples includes 3-4 sessions, either in person or through Skype, in an effort to not only get to know each person and your story but also to engage with you to help make your vision of a wedding become a reality.

In this way, I encourage any couple who wishes: to involve family members or friends, to write or choose their vows, and to incorporate a special reading. If you would rather do as most couples do, I am happy to take some pressure off and utilize my own ceremony.


Jewish Weddings


A Jewish wedding ceremony is often one that you may have dreamt about your entire life, or it may be something new to you. Either way, I am here to help you vision the wedding of your dreams incorporating the traditional Jewish wedding moments.


The ceremony I have used over the years is ready for you. Everything that is done in Hebrew is immediately translated into English in order for you and your guests to understand the words of this important day. I will help you know what ritual objects to gather, such as a kiddish cup, and guide you towards places to get other ritual objects such a ketubah or Jewish marriage license. We will work together so that you can have a complete knowledge of all of the parts of your wedding, creating together a beautiful moment you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

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Interfaith Weddings

When two people of different faiths and backgrounds can come together to form the most intimate of unions, that is, a reason to celebrate. Because of this, I am proud to be called an interfaith wedding rabbi and am honored to officiate at such unions.

Since I approach each ceremony individually and creatively, we can put together a ceremony that will reflect your union and the fundamental beliefs that you share. This will happen as part of the 3-4 sessions of premarital counseling that we can do face-to-face or through the use of technology. During these sessions, we will get to know each other as partners for your wedding. I will also share with you my ceremony which has been created with you and your guests in mind.

I can serve as a New York interfaith wedding rabbi and a New York Jewish wedding rabbi in compliance with the laws of every state in our country. I am available for destination weddings as well. I am not available to co-officiate with clergy member who is of another faith.

Wedding Ceremonies for Same Sex Couples


Finally, it is legal in many states for same sex couples to wed. I am always delighted serve the LGBT community and to make this a truly memorable occasion. In states that have yet to understand the blessing that is a loving couple, I would be honored to perform a commitment ceremony.

As with all of my weddings, I have a ceremony that celebrates your special day. If you wish to work with me to create something unique, I am happy to spend one or more of our premarital sessions including your own readings or prayers as well as including your loved ones in the ceremony.

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Renewal of Vows Ceremonies for Special Anniversaries

Whenever a couple wants to renew their wedding vows and reaffirm their commitment to each other, whether it be at a 5th or 55th wedding anniversary, I am delighted to officiate. This ceremony can be tailor-made to your desires or you can utilize my own creative service.


Providing essentials Chuppah (if not available through caterer or florist) and Ketubah

A Chuppah and/or Ketubah will be happily provided by me. The plain ketubah is a gift from me to the bridal couple. Couples often choose to have a specially made ketubah suited to their choice of words and aesthetic. If this is the case, I am happy to guide you to places at which you can find your ketubah and other ritual objects that make this wedding your own. 

Destination Weddings

I am glad to travel the tri-state region to perform such weddings as well as beyond. If your wedding is taking place at a special destination, I am happy to officiate wherever your dreams take you.

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