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Baby Naming Ceremony

The object of a baby-naming ceremony is to officially present the child with a Hebrew name, usually honoring a loved one who has passed on. In this touching ceremony, a new Hebrew name is affectionately given to the baby in its parent’s arms, along with participation from parents, grandparents and other family or friends. Parents may offer some sentimental, loving comments and memories about the person for whom their baby is named.

Choosing a name can sometimes be a dilemma, and I have many ways to make that task easier. The name might be symbolic, like “Shira”, meaning “song” in Hebrew, for a grandmother who had a beautiful voice. Or, the name may be one with the first initial of one who has passed on, such as “Avraham” for a grandfather whose name was “Andrew.” Finally, a Hebrew name might be chosen as a direct translation of an English one; “Jacob” would then become “Yaakov”. As your rabbi and officiant, I am happy to help with this important decision for your child.

While a baby naming is usually done for girls in a ceremony known as a Brit Bat, for various reasons I have been participating in more naming ceremonies for boys over the past several years and am delighted to do so for your son.

Every ceremony is personalized, includes participation of parents, grandparents, and other loved ones if you wish. We will work together to make this moment a memorable one for you and your family. An atttractive ‘Naming Certificate’ is included as part of the ceremony

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